Let’s Have A Talk About Apex Legends (The Videogame)!

It’s official! After the rise of Apex Legends, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the battle royale genre is now dominant. That’s not at all surprising given the massive success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) which launched as a cheap alternative to Fortnite and introduced Battle Royale gaming to millions of new players. Now that it seems like every other game developer has jumped on the bandwagon, we’re seeing more titles launch per year than any other genre has seen in its entire history. But while many games have tried to follow in PUBG’s footsteps, few have truly captured the spirit and originality of the games that inspired them. Enter Apex Legends. In just a short time, this free-to-play battle royale game from Sony Interactive Entertainment has managed to become one of the most popular releases in Electronic Arts’ storied 30+ year history. With over 80 million player signups in just three weeks after release, Respawn Entertainment is betting their future on this bold new take on a classic formula. With so much riding on Apex Legends, it’s imperative that everyone plays the game as fair as possible – especially when it comes to accusations of cheating or unfair advantages from players who use third party software programs.

What is Battle Royale?

Battle Royale is a game mode where players are dropped into a map and must fight until there’s one player or team left standing. They tend to be shorter in length (generally 20-60 minutes) than traditional games, but can still take hours to play.

Apex Legends: A New Take On an Old Concept

Apex Legends is one of the rare Battle Royale games that doesn’t rely on an unfair advantage for victory. It rewards skill and strategy instead. While the game does include weapons and building, it has no guns that reach out past the walls. This means players cannot shoot across the map or kill enemies who have taken cover in buildings. The longer you hide, the more likely you are to survive a fight. You can also use building materials to create vantage points around your base and make yourself a harder target to hit. Those who are skilled enough will be able to snipe enemies from these positions without having their own characters exposed. There is also no “wall glitch” in Apex Legends. If you jump off a wall or building while falling, you will die instead of being pushed off because there are no gun angles that go beyond the wall or roof height in this game. If your opponents try to push you off a ledge with melee attacks, they will eventually run out of stamina as well because there’s nothing for them to push against except air when they reach your level of fall height. These design decisions help even things out for those who want to play fair and everyone else who wants to play dirty but still enjoy success through skill rather than cheating their way into win after win by exploiting glitches or ill-gotten advantages from third party software programs like aimbots or wallclimbing software programs (both of which exist in Apex Legends).

Why is It So Hard to Have a Fair Game?

The problem with being a competitive game like Apex Legends is that it’s hard to keep players focused on what’s happening on the battlefield when there are so many other things to think about. Players have to be constantly aware of the current state of their characters, what they need to do to make progress and how much progress they have made against other players in their team. Beyond this, social media platforms are filled with posts from players who seem like they’re cheating or having unfair access to some kind of advantage. For example, there’s been a lot of talk about “Lucky Landing” exploits where players seem to be able to get a free shot just by landing in an area. When you combine these two factors together, it puts a lot of pressure on both developers and online communities not only trying to find these cheaters but also dealing with the fallout of player anger that comes as a result.

Limit Advantages with Gameplay Systems

Apex Legends is the perfect game to use a gameplay system like this. The developers have implemented a handful of measures that allow for a fair and even playing field. For starters, all players are limited to three characters per match. What’s more, each player’s inventory is also limited by their resources which can only be obtained through gameplay or purchasing items in Apex Legends. This ensures that no player has an unfair advantage over another in terms of gear, experience, or any other factor that would help promote gaming skill above luck or chance. Additionally, the game doesn’t allow for any third party software programs to interfere with gameplay – essentially making cheating impossible. Gameplay systems like these make it easier for players to enjoy games without feeling frustrated at the unfairness of others who might have been able to cheat their way into victory. There will always be players who resent the need for gameplay systems like these but they’re necessary if you want people to play your game fairly and on a level playing field. If you don’t make rules against cheating and unfair advantages, then your game won’t end up as successful as you want it to be.

Server Side Tricks

Apex Legends is a game with a lot of advantages on the server-side. The gambling economy of Apex Legends is one of those advantages. However, there are also plenty of ways to be efficient and effective. For example, you can make use of Apex Legends’ “Challenges” feature to find weapons and other items that are hidden throughout the map. While these challenges have existed in previous games, they typically only provided an advantage for players who completed them. In Apex Legends, this means that anyone can find these items if they know where to look – which makes it much easier for teams to work together or for those with less time playing the game to still be able to complete challenges and get rewards. Another great way to play fair is using your squad mates as cover when someone fires at you from a distance. If you get shot by an opponent who has a good vantage point on you, your teammates can easily rush over and take them out before they could do anything else. It’s easy enough to coordinate with your teammates in Apex Legends so that they’re in the best position possible when fired upon.

The Importance of Understanding Game Mechanics

It’s always exciting to get involved in a new game because you never know what surprises are in store. However, it’s important to understand the mechanics of the game if you want to have a good time and avoid frustration. Apex Legends is no different. There are quite a few things that could get your killed by an enemy player – like climbing up walls, or even just being in the same room as them. Moreover, there are many ways you can go about acquiring resources and items that would give you an advantage over other players. This isn’t inherently bad, but understanding how these mechanics work is critical to your success in Apex Legends!


So, Apex Legends is far from dead and there are already over 100 million players. Apex Legends is a game that has taken the Battle Royale genre by storm and with good reason, but it’s important to answer the question: is it fair? Now, I’m not going to go into any kind of detail on how the game is unfair or why it’s not fair, but I’ll briefly go over a few of the game mechanics and how they affect gameplay. This is a game that should be played for fun but also for competitive reasons, and no matter what your preferred game style is, this game has it all! This is a great game for esports, so if you want to play competitively then you should definitely check out Apex Legends.

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