Why do people – including me – love watching YouTube?

Hi, so this is my very first blog post and I was not too sure what to write. Could have been something usual, such as presenting myself, but then I realized I want to keep this blog anonymous and rather focus on the things that I love. And, one of the things that I – as many other people out there – love, it’s YouTube. But WHY do we love YouTube so much? Today, I will give a few valid reasons.

By the way, this article refers to people that watch videos. Soon, I will also do one just about the people who create videos and why they love it. But as for today, let’s focus on reasons why people enjoy watching videos!

1. Because you have full control over what you like

The first reason, is control. When you are on YouTube, you can literally watch whatever you like. Depending on your mood, your age and your interests, you can find anything. There are bilions of great videos on the platform and what you want to watch is just a few clicks or “YouTube” search away.

2. Because you watch what you like, WHEN you like

This is a bit of the follow-up of reason number one. On YouTube, you do not only get to watch whatever you want. You can also do it, start a video or pause whenever you like. Want to eat something? Pause the video. Mom is getting angry? Pause the video. (Or start playing it with headphones on! That depends on you haha). And if there is that channel you really like or that video tutorial you want to watch, no problem. It can be now or in 2 years, play it just when you want. And note how these are all things that traditional tv do not allow: you have just one program or show, and at a specific time. That is why YouTube is so popular.

Of course, in the recent years other apps like Netflix or Prime Video have this advantage. But still, if you think about it, their library is nowhere near to the YouTube one. On YouTube there are bilions of videos. Netflix or Prime, compared to YouTube are like a drop of water compared to an ocean. And…let’s not forget reason number 3!

3. Because YouTube is free

Yes, that might sound obvious but we often forget how special that is. Comparing again YouTube to Netflix or Prime, the latter are not free. Even your tv is not free. There is fee that you have to pay every year to you country of residence. YouTube, on the other hand, is 100% free.

4. Because you can engage with a community

And this is another reason that makes YouTube so special and why people love it. It is the only video platform where you can engage with the community. You can talk to people, read comments, even talk to your favorite channels!

So, I hope you enjoyed this article about why we all love YouTube so much and why it is so special. And if now I put you on the mood for some YouTube, don’t worry! Just click on the button below to watch some amazing YouTube stuff..one click away! 🙂

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