Why getting international traffic is so important: 4 reasons and 1 tip

Hi, so picture this: you have a website and sell your service… or a YouTube channel where you promote products. Or…well, pretty much any online page which can get traffic. And, probably, so far you have received traffic from only or mostly just one country. This is because either the language of your content or the algorithm of the social media you are using, which usually targets specific people.

But, getting international traffic is super important and that is why – no matter what – going international should be your next big goal. So, let’s get professional and serious and see some of the best reasons to motivate you seeking international traffic starting today!

  1. International trade brings more customers every day into your business and hence make more money.
  2. Traffic is everything. Traffic is money. Without it, you will never be able to sell anything to anyone no matter how good your website is. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business, so you need to do something about it right away otherwise you will be doomed to failure. And going international is the simplest way to do it. You know they say quality and conversion matter? Sure. But if you can target 8 billion people rather than 60 millions, well who cares about a slightly better conversion. Traffic, traffic!
  3. You get more credibility. Yep, because a worldwide brand with multiple languages will surely seem a bigger company, a more experienced one and a more successful than a local company.
  4. When you are selling a product or service online, it is imperative that you target a global market because you will not only need international traffic but also access to that market.

Tip to go international

Now let’s see the best and most important tip to go international. 🙂

Start small and step by step

Yes, because you need to conquer each country and its culture, and have a specific plan. So, do not go all-in and randomly. Let’s say you have traffic from US, perfect. Next, target only France with French specific content, then Germany, then Canada and so on. So you first need to decide which country you wish to open up your business in and what country you wish to sell your products or services in, have a specific plan and focus your energy on that country. Once you have good results, then move on to the next.

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